Snow tubing at Domaine de l’Ange-Gardien

snow tubing

by Stephen Johnson

This winter has been more unpredictable than the stock market.  When we finally had a perfect weekend for outdoor activities, our family wanted to make the most of it.  Snow tubing at Domaine Ange-Gardien has been on our winter bucket list for the past few years so we decided to check it out.

We hopped in the car and our first adventure was taking the ferry between Cumberland and Masson-Angers. The ferry is a different experience in the winter as we could see people ice-fishing on one side and open water on the other.   

When we arrived at Domaine Ange Gardien, our son, David immediately spotted the maple taffy on snow.  I thought it might be a good idea to pay first and imagined sticky gloves for the whole experience so kindly told David the maple taffy would come at the end.

We made our way to the snow tubing area where they offer eight different runs.  Each snow tube can only fit one person but it is easy enough to hold onto multiple tubes if you want to slide as a family. Snow tubes in hand we started our way up the hill.  It was somewhat icy but still manageable to walk. Upon reaching the top, it looked higher than I thought. David was off like a shot sliding down the hill with no fear   I was somewhat more tentative but got in the spirit and enjoyed the exhilaration of going far faster than any toboggan.

On our second run,  we took the tube lift which was a comfortable and fun way to reach the top.  David wanted to go on the highest run, so  I reluctantly agreed.  We climbed the steps and he was again off like a rocket.  I discreetly made my way over to the easier run and met him at the bottom.  We did five or six more runs and had a great time.


snow tubing

All of the exercise and adrenalin had worked up our appetite so we stopped for a maple taffy. It is made by pouring warm maple syrup on snow and then twisting it on a popsicle stick.   The perfect winter treat!  We relaxed by the wood fire stove outside and shared stories of our tubing adventure.   

David was still hungry so we enjoyed a tasty poutine inside the main building.   There is a cafeteria that offers perfect comfort food for a winter day, including hot chocolate.   There is ample seating in the main hall.  The day we visited there was a birthday party taking place, and numerous other families were on site, but there was more than enough space for everyone.  I was also impressed that the food prices were very reasonable.

At the time we visited they were also offering wagon rides but we were too tired out from the tubing.

Outside of winter, Domaine Ange Gardien,  has a traditional sugar shack with meals.   Camping is offered in warm weather and it is also a popular venue in the summer.

We will be back for sure next winter for another shot of adrenalin and family fun.

For more information about Domaine Ange-Gardien, see  www.

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