Spruce Up Your Home For A New Look

By Loukia Zigoumis

Spring is the season for renewal, for all things new and fresh. After a harsh winter, we’re slowly coming out of hibernation and soon we’ll be putting away cold-weather gear, opening windows and letting the sunshine in. But first, it’s time for spring cleaning.


De-clutter Your Home

  1. Pick a room. Plan to clean and de-clutter one room at a time instead of tackling the entire house at once. As you work your way through each space, make a few piles: items to keep, items to donate, and items to toss. See what needs to go where; everything has a place, and nothing that isn’t of value should be kept. Make sure the entranceway is clear of items, and make sure there is nothing on the stairs. Put things where they belong.
  2. Tackle your closet. It’s hard to give up on items you’ve come to love, but if you haven’t worn something in over a year, let it go. Donate it if it’s in good condition; if not, toss it. There is always room for shopping.
  3. Colour-code your closet. Start with shirts, then dresses, pants, and tops. Invest in nice hangers, and get rid of the metal ones.
  4. Clear your counters. If your kitchen counters are clean and clutter-free, you’ll feel and function better and your entire house will seem tidier. In fact, keep most surfaces clear of unnecessary objects. 

Once your home is tidy and organized, you can start to think about ways to add distinctive updates without having to invest in a redesign.


Make Your Home Look Fresh and New

  1. Change your lampshades. This is a cheap alternative to buying new lamps, and many store sell shades that will alter the look and colour scheme of indoor spaces, from your living room to your bedroom.
  2.  Paint. There is no better time to paint a room than springtime. A fresh coat of paint in a new colour will instantly transform your surroundings and make them look more contemporary. Whether you’re doing the family room, the bedroom, or the bathroom, painting is an inexpensive way to make a huge impact in your home.
  3.  Switch up your décor. Keep things seasonal. Out with all reminders of winter, and in with colour. Welcome spring by buying bright-hued pillows for the couch, and by stocking up on some unique décor and accessories. Ottawa retailers, from HomeSense to Urban Barn, offer plenty of options.  
  4. Invest in good art. Check out local galleries, such as Koyman Galleries, to find gorgeous pieces by local artists that will be the talk of your home. High-quality artwork never loses its value; it’s timeless.  
  5. Switch up paintings in your home, move things around, and hang new pictures. Group photos together in nice frames.
  6. If you want to redo your bathroom but don’t have a lot of money to spend, buy a new shower curtain and different coloured towels. These simple switches will have major impact.
  7. Spring has sprung, so bring out your vases and fill them with fresh flowers.  

This spring painting from Koyman Gallery are by Ottawa artist Katerina Mertikas.


Go shopping!

 The best part of getting into “spring cleaning” mode is the requisite shopping trips. Check out antique stores for unique items, and visit lots of local shops and retailers to see the latest in furniture, bedding, décor items and accessories for the home.






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