Start your Day with some Avocado

We’ve all been here – you get together with some friends and plan to have one glass of wine. But, one turns into two or three, and because alcohol stimulates the appetite; you end up giving into temptation and ordering some pub grub off the menu. You wake up the next morning feeling sluggish & foggy. Sound familiar? If so, make sure you take your vitamins – specifically vitamin B1 or Thiamine!

Like I said in my previous post; B vitamins are often taken as one supplement because they share many of the same characteristics and work the best as a group. But each B vitamin has a super power that can be used individually to treat certain symptoms or deficiencies. Let’s start at the beginning with B1 or Thiamine.

B1 has a few super powers, but is best known for aiding in alcohol metabolism & digestion, and it also helps to relieve constipation & tones the intestinal muscles. So if you can relate to the happy hour scenario make sure you compensate with some extra B1. Also, alcohol actually decreases absorption of vitamins so it’s even more important that you take them after a cocktail-heavy night.

Where can you get some extra B1? Good food sources of B1 are whole, unprocessed foods such as: wheat germ, spinach, cauliflower, nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, beans, pecans and pine nuts. Avocado and pork are especially high in B1.

If your diet is rich in whole, unprocessed foods; 10mg/day of B1 is good insurance, which is the usual amount in a multivitamin.

If you don’t feel like munching on cauliflower the next morning, try incorporating some B1 rich avocado into your breakfast smoothie. I know, it sounds a little suspect, but give this recipe a try and you’ll see what I mean! It’s creamy, delicious and full of vitamins & minerals.

Vitamin-Rich Breakfast Smoothie


-1 tbsp of wheat germ (another good source of B vitamins!)
-½ of a ripe banana (good source of potassium)
-½ tablespoon of natural peanut butter (another good source of B1)
-¼ of a large avocado or ½ of a small one
-1 ½ cups of Natrel 1% milk, almond or soy milk (your choice)
-1 cup of organic baby spinach
-A squeeze of honey

Blend all together, put in the freezer for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Note: even though avocado is really good for you, it is considered a healthy fat, and ½ of a small avocado is about 80 calories. Total calories in smoothie: approximately 300

Avocado is one of my favourite things and is really versatile. Guacamole is delicious, but there are other yummy, healthier ways to eat avocado that don’t involve chips. The other day I had a piece of whole grain toast with ½ tbsp of light cream cheese, and ¼ of a chopped avocado with some salt & pepper – so good. You can also try it as a topping for your chilli – chop ¼ of an avocado, sprinkle on top of hot chilli and season with s & p – a great way to get some extra vitamins.

Stayed tuned for B2 & B3!

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