Students on Ice

Three Ottawa Teens are Part of an Incredible, International Arctic Expedition 
You could call it “epic”  
Photos by Lee Narraway

Heading north is taking on a whole new meaning for three Ottawa teens. Yasmin and Samuel Anderson (sister and brother) and Michela Panarella are part of a group of 75 students from around the world, along with a world-class team of leaders, about to set sail on the latest Students on Ice Arctic expedition, called A Voyage of Discovery and Transformation.

It’s the trip of a lifetime, involving Canadian and international students aged 14-18. Participants hail from India, Russia, Germany, Monaco, Belize, Greenland and the United States and their numbers include over 30 Inuit youth from across Canada’s North. Almost all have been awarded scholarships to participate.  The youngsters are joining a team of 35 top scientists, historians, artists, explorers, educators, polar experts and Aboriginal Elders for an experience that will open their eyes to the circumpolar world and give them a new global perspective on the planet, its wonders, and its present and future challenges.

Launching from Iqaluit, the ship-and land-based excursion will explore the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland between July 29 and August 13. The word “epic” actually fits the scenario. High-profile leaders involved include Meg Beckel, president and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN). She will be joining the expedition along with several CMN scientists. Wildlife encounters, educational excursions and visits to remote Arctic communities and archeological sites are all on the agenda. The young leaders of tomorrow will acquire first-hand knowledge and insight into the dynamics of climate change.

“There has never been a more important time to expose the youth of Canada and the world to the Arctic,” said Geoff Green, the founder and president of Students on Ice. “This region will be front and centre in the coming years in terms of its global importance to a wide range of issues from climate change to sustainable development. For Canadian youth in particular, this expedition represents an opportunity to connect with our emerging identity as an Arctic nation.”

*Photos are from previous SOI Arctic expeditions. For details, check

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