Summer Sippers

Canadian summers are beautiful & highly anticipated. We survived the cold, harsh winter and now we just want to celebrate with our family and friends at the cottage, on a patio or on the beach.

That being said, it’s only July; you have the entire summer ahead of you. An entire summer of bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and sundresses that you want to make sure still fits when August rolls around.

Before you pack up the car with high-sugar coolers (ie.Vex – I can’t believe I used to drink that!), cream-based liqueurs, regular beer and aspartame loaded sickeningly sweet mixes; you may want to re-think your strategy.

You can have your cocktails and drink them too – without the extra sugar, fat and calories.

I put together a list of healthy (as healthy as alcohol can be), low-calorie drink options that are delicious, and low-cal. Cheers!


Low-cal Mojito (makes 1 drink: 150 cals)


2 oz rum (I like Mount Gay dark rum & for those that can’t handle wheat – rum is gluten-free!)
4 oz club soda
1 ½ tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp mint leaves
½ tsp raw sugarLime wedges for garnish

What you’ll need:



Fill your shaker with mint, sugar and lime juice*. Using your muddler; smoosh it all together

Add the rum, club soda and ice – shake, shake, shake – strain into glass (a nice glass makes the drink taste better), and garnish with fresh lime wedge – enjoy!

*Add some fresh raspberries or strawberries to change up the flavor and get some extra vitamins!

Malibu Rum on the Rocks (1 oz. drink: 57 cals)

Serve up this coconut-flavored rum in a low-ball filled with ice, and you’ll feel like you’ve landed in the Caribbean.

Patron on the Rocks (makes 1 drink: 100 cals)

I personally love the taste of tequila (especially a good one like Patron), but this one may not appeal to you if you’re one of those people who’s had a “bad night with tequila.” Tequila is another spirit that’s gluten-free – great for those with celiac disease or IBS.


1.5 oz Patron Gold (or any tequila you like)
A big squeeze of fresh lime juice from 1 big, juicy lime wedge


Fill a low-ball glass with ice. Add tequila and lime juice, garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy! If this sounds too hard-core, you can always add a splash of real mango or pineapple juice to add a bit of sweetness.

Fruit Infused Tequila (1, 1.5 oz drink: 100 cals)

Make your own flavored tequila (or any spirit of your choice) without the aspartame, added sugar or calories! You can also use it to make flavored waterJ, which is a great way to spice up plain-ol’ water.

Wine & Beer

Wine Sprizter (makes 1 drink: 120 cals)

This is one of my favorites because it’s light and refreshing, and half the calories of a full glass of wine! Or you can have 2 drinks for the price of 1 (in terms of cals)!


½ cup or 5 oz of white wine (I love a good Argentinean or Chilean white)
¼ cup club soda
1 lime wedge


Combine wine and club soda in a nice wine glass, add some ice and garnish with a lime wedge – enjoy!

Champagne or Sparkling Wine (1 glass: 78 cals)

No instruction necessary, just make sure you enjoy it chilled, in a nice champagne flute. You can also add a splash of cranberry juice or orange juice to change it up.


I love beer, but 1 beer can cost you 250 cals! Here’s a few good light beer options to try this weekend…

Michelob Ultra (now in Canada!) – 95 cals
Corona Light – 99 cals
Coors Light – 102 cals
Bud Light – 110 cals

Enjoy the summer!!

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