SuperME products make super gifts for kids

Looking for “super” gifts to give your young loved ones and friends this holiday season? Check out SuperME!

SuperME is a collection of personalized superhero-inspired products that combine functionality and fun. These way-cool items embrace the inner personalities, unique skill sets and boundless talents of kids all over the map. Every item in the SuperME collection comes with Velcro patches that can feature the child’s name or reflect the child’s ever-changing interests, such as dance, hockey, ballet or snowboarding. 

The SuperME collection consists of hooded and cape backpacks, luggage, cape-n-nap travel blankets/pillows and lunchboxes. All SuperME items also come complete with a mask to allow kids to truly embrace the hero within.


You can definitely feel good about giving this gift: SuperME donates a portion of its proceeds to support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center; the company also encourages children to be proud of who they are and to be accepting of others.

SuperME products are environmentally friendly and 100 per cent safe. Designed in San Francisco and manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified, family-owned and operated factory, SuperME allows all children to embrace their unique super powers. 

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