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I am Santa

By Alan Viau

“There’s Santa,” a little girl exclaimed as I walked into the photo studio. Yes, I am Santa. For those few moments with the kids I symbolize a whole lot of myths. And it takes a lot more than Ho Ho Ho to win them over. Continue reading

Making a splash in the kiddie pool

By Alan Viau
There is nothing better than running through water on a hot day. It is the most fun way to cool kids off during these scorching summer holidays. And an inexpensive kiddie pool is just the thing. Continue reading

Nature Yoga @ the Museum

Connect with nature from a new perspective at Ottawa’s Museum of nature! Nature Yoga allows you to explore your inner self while surrounded by the museum’s beautiful and unique exhibitions. Continue reading

Stop Doping Our Kids!

By Alan Viau
“He just needs to settle down.” That’s the statement I saw most often on my son’s report card! They couldn’t handle my active son. The teachers even suggested that he might have ADHD and that drugs might help. Continue reading