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Autism families are in Crisis

  Three things everyone should know about autism in Canada by Kathleen O’Grady Canadian governments have done little to address the crisis faced by autism families across the country.  This sentiment was true in 2007 when it was put forward … Continue reading

AUTISM: Does It Impact Your Family?

Two informative books, one for parents of autistic girls, the other for parents of autistic boys, provide helpful information about everything from diagnosis, doctors and schools to taxes, treatments, babysitters and vacations

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Children at Risk’s Celebrity-Carved Pumpkin Contest

Head to the local malls to support Children at Risk and its annual Celebrity-Carved Pumpkin Contest. It’s happening Thursday, Oct 20 to Sunday, Oct 23. Continue reading

Don’t Handcuff Kids with Autism

by Pam Dillon You’ve probably heard or read that parents of a nine-year-old boy are angry about what happened to their son at school this week. According to a story written by Robert Sibley and published in the Ottawa Citizen, … Continue reading

Hooray for Ausome Ottawa

“Once in awhile you have an idea that just won’t let go,” says Ausome Ottawa founder Derek Firth, “and you have to act on it.” That’s what happened when Derek and his wife Liisa Vexler talked about creating an organization … Continue reading

John Elder Robison and the relabelling of autism

I had the pleasure of meeting John Elder Robison last week, when he was in town to talk about his latest book, Raising Cubby, at the Ottawa International Writers Festival.  John is a New York Times best-selling author who has Asperger … Continue reading

Join in Autism Research

Does someone in your family have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Certainly, there are lots of Ottawa families impacted by autism. Thankfully, there is ongoing research that has the potential to benefit all ASD families. And you can be part … Continue reading

No More Worries about Loved Ones Wandering

Worried about loved ones wandering? There’s a new device, designed for people with autism and dementia, that can ensure the connection will never be lost. Continue reading

Parenting a Child With Autism

by Kathleen O’Grady   It was an ordinary summer day.  People were milling on the main thoroughfare, bikes zig-zagging through traffic, cafés and pubs spilling onto the sidewalk, patrons sipping their way through a lazy Friday afternoon. We were ordinary … Continue reading

Support for Families with Special Needs Kids

Support, Inclusion, Acceptance: Two Great Programs for Families with Kids who have Special Needs by Maria Redpath The news that your child has special needs can be devastating. You are not sure what this means for your family and what … Continue reading

The Art of Communication

Sheila Bell draws a way to support kids with autism
by Karen Wilson Continue reading

Writing about Parenting a Child with Autism

Ottawa mom and writer Kathleen O’Grady is never quite prepared for the letters she gets when she publishes something about autism in the mainstream press. Here’s why. Continue reading

Zombies and Autism

Apocalypse?  No.  Adventure
There’s a lot to learn from the Zombie invasion and from autism Continue reading