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ABC’s of Back to School Preparation

Assignment: Get your whole family ready for the start of the new school year. Deadline: Tuesday, September 3, the first day of school for most Ottawa kids. (Aim for a gold star!) Continue reading

Back to School: The Next Big Holiday Season?

By Crystal McLeod

It is most definitely that time of year: Back to School!  The evidence is everywhere – on TV, the radio, in stores, newspapers, flyers, magazines … It’s as though the kids’ return to class has become the next holiday! Continue reading

Doodling is Good … and Other School Tips

In a few days, students of all ages will be going back to school.  As parents begin to plan for summer routines to change back to school routines, they should be thinking about how collaboration both at home and in … Continue reading

Help Kids Ease Into School Year

Parenting expert Alyson Schafer offers us some valuable tips to help our kids — at all stages — ease into this new school year. Continue reading

Plan for a Shiny New School Beginning

Take a picture before they climb on the bus. After all, this is a milestone to remember. Continue reading

The Great Beyond

by Samantha Brazeau-Wilson and Chelsea Brunette

For kids and parents, the jump up to post-secondary school is a big one. Continue reading

Top 10 better back-to-school tips

Savvy eco-bloggers and expert parents have joined David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Tovah Paglaro, to offer these top ten tips for setting green back-to-school habits. Continue reading