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5 quick tips for healthy winter skin

(NC) A plan of action to combat dryness requires far more than slathering the body with lotion. Healthy skin calls for both internal and external care, especially in months of prolonged cold weather. Here are five of best ways to … Continue reading

Are There Toxic Chemicals in Your Cosmetics?

Nobody wants toxic chemicals in their cosmetics. Good thing companies like The Kitchen Sink offer products with natural ingredients and amazing skin benefits.

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Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing Device

Whether you want to prepare your skin for a nice makeup or remove your makeup after a hard day at work, Clarisonic will cleanse your skin so you can preserve its soft and healthy appearance. Continue reading

Fab Feet

By: Chloé Taylor
The crocuses and Irises are starting to peek out, are you ready for your toes to peek out too? This season’s shoe trend includes a variety of peep-toed beauties and if you want a fresh pair for spring then you’ll have to get your feet ready first. Continue reading

Healthy Beauty

Worried about harmful ingredients in your cosmetics? Lauren suggests some attractive  solutions. Continue reading

Holiday Style: Be Extra Fabulous

Beauty doesn’t have a size. Whether you’re a 10 or a 22, you can look and feel fantastic this season. Chantal Sarkisian is the Ottawa trendsetter behind Mode XLusive, a popular curvy fashion blog. She tells us how to make … Continue reading

Holiday Style: Get Your Sparkle On!

  by Loukia Zigoumis  Here are some ways to get your holiday sparkle on: 1. Add something sparkly to your outfit. A shimmering tank top under a sweater, dangling earrings with some dazzle, or even a pair of pumps in … Continue reading

Local, Natural Skin Care

    Tis the season for dry, indoor air and itchy, alligator skin. If you could write a message on your wrist, or your hands and cheeks are chapped, it’s time to give your body’s largest organ some major TLC. … Continue reading

Skincare? Yes! Show Your Skin Some Love

After months of harsh weather and dry heat, odds are your skin is begging for moisture. Check out these skincare products! They’ll do the trick and keep you looking fab.
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The Skin You’re In

I have noticed that young people have a lot more tattoos than I ever expected to see. Not only are the tattoos clearly on display, they are large and intricate. Many are beautiful and meaningful pieces of art, while others are, well … not. Continue reading

The Snooze Button Look

Do you have post-traumatic hair disorder? Continue reading