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About Bullying: Don’t wait for it to get better, make it better

by Jeremy Dias

I go to a different school to talk about bullying almost every single day of the school year and there is one group of people that sends me a ton of emails. I’m not talking about youth; they Facebook and tweet. I’m talking about parents. And the number one question I get is this: What can I do to prevent my child from being bullied? Continue reading

Action on Bullying

We, as parents, need to talk about zero tolerance for bullying
By Pam Dillon Continue reading

Bullies R Us?

By Pam Dillon

No Passing the Buck: Bullying is a shared social problem that takes a whole community to tackle

Continue reading

Bullying Prevention Week

Don’t stand by and watch. Stand up to bullying Continue reading

Pink Power

Join the International Movement and the Conversation Continue reading

Stop bullying? Really

by Jeremy Dias Guess what? The best research from universities and ministries of education has made it clear: a presentation on bullying does not work. All those slides? The graphs and statistics? Zzzzzz. Kids tune out—and fast. After all, why … Continue reading

STOP IT! Speak Up About Bullying

Did you know more than half the time when a bystander stands up to bullying, it stops within seconds?
By Pam Dillon

Last night was the Ottawa premier of BULLY, an acclaimed documentary that puts a spotlight on the social epidemic – and devastating consequences – of bullying. BULLY is a call to action, a plea for us to speak up, step up and do something to stop bullying. What next?  Continue reading

What’s On, Ottawa?

Bullying Prevention and Titty Talks 

What’s up in the city? Plenty! Two public events over the next few days will focus on awareness of bullying and another two will focus on celebration of womanhood.  It’s all good! Continue reading