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Best Recipes: Southwestern Chicken Roll-Ups

Share your recipes! We love love love  to find out about your favourite recipes — the ones your whip up for your family and friends. We want to try them too. And to share them. Thanks so much to reader Claire Ducharme for … Continue reading

Creamy Balsamic Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad

Say hello to Spring with a Spring Chicken Salad! Continue reading

Curried Chicken, Asparagus and Grape Salad

Are you tired of mayonnaise-laden chicken salad? Try this modern approach with Indian flavours and fresh-tasting grapes and asparagus.

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Healthy “Fried” Chicken

One of the best parts about cooking healthy food is when you make something that tastes like it should be bad for you. Continue reading

Put a Little Heaven on the Barbie!

This chicken is delicious and tender if you don’t overcook it on the barbecue. Try grilling on a piece of foil to prevent burning. Buttermilk is low in fat yet thick and creamy. It is acidic so it’s perfect for marinating. Use up leftover buttermilk in mashed potatoes, muffins or pancakes. Continue reading