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3 Little Monkeys

1150 Bank St
Ottawa ON K1S 3X6
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A Picture Book with a Two-Mom Ottawa Family

  by Stephanie Kain We live next door. No need to be scared—we’re good parents, just like you. We two-mom families spend Saturdays in our pyjamas, and divide our weekday mornings between reading board books to our squirming babies, and … Continue reading

An Examination of Recent Experiences in the Lives of Young Children

Do you have a child aged 6-12 (biological or non-biological) ?
Are you willing to participate in an online study ?
If you answer “yes” to both questions, then the researchers at the University of Ottawa need your help!

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Are They The Boss of You? Find Out!

by Kathy Buckworth

Quiz time for all you frazzled Mommies out there! This fun quiz will let you know who's really in charge and who needs a well deserved Mommy-moment (hint – you all do).

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Avoid the Label: My Child is a Picky Eater

by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist Since Jack started eating solids at six months it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. The beginning was easy – he ate a few times a day, and I was excited to introduce … Continue reading

Barrhaven Child Care Centre

101-A Malvern Dr.
Nepean, ON, K2J 2S8
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Brown Bear Day Care

Brown Bear Day Care
1079 Carp Rd.
Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1AS
(613) 831-0774
Brown Bear Day Care
1572 Main St., P.O. Box 395,
Stittsville, Ontario
K2S 1A5
(613) 831-2272
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Community Child Care

2 MacNeil Court, Kanata, ON, K2L 4H7
Phone: 613-592-4636 Fax: 613-592-9146
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Crazy for Making Forts

Now the kids can have their own hideaway or fort – without commandeering the dining room chairs… Continue reading

FAB Baby Gear

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Fussy Eaters

Whether it’s a control issue, a taste issue or the influence of peers when a child starts to go to school or eat meals at a friend’s house, fussy eating is a challenge for most parents at some point in their child’s early years. Continue reading

Global Child Care Services

1714 Montreal Road
Ottawa (Gloucester), ON
K1J 6N5
Telephone: 613-742-5500
Fax: 613- 742-7500
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Haute Mama


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Having Fun with Finances

Four Ways to Make your Child Love Saving Money  By Jeannine Fox  Most of us don’t flinch when we spend less than $10, but irresponsible spending habits like these have led us into the current economic crisis. To turn our situation around, … Continue reading

Heat Alert

Are Your Wee Ones Okay in this HOT HOT HOT Weather?  Keep them safe and well by watching for these signs of heat illness in children Heed these warning signals: • Changes in behaviour such as sleepiness or temper tantrums. • Dizziness … Continue reading

Heat’s ON

It’s HOT HOT HOT Out There
Are your kids okay? Be sure they’re safe in this weather Continue reading

Holiday Gifts: Toys, Toys, Toys!

On a hunt for toys that will have youngsters beaming and exclaiming with glee? Check out these enticing options. VTech’s fourth generation kids’ learning tablet, InnoTab MAX features a multi-touch screen with a high-resolution display, plus kid-safe Wi-Fi. Its VTech … Continue reading

Holiday Must-Haves from Fisher Price

Three great finds from Fisher Price for the holiday season. Continue reading

Kid-Proof Your Home

New Standards for Child Safety Children are naturally curious. They are even more interested in exploring something that’s forbidden to them. Tell a child “no” and the gears start turning. If you don’t act fast, one day you’ll turn around … Continue reading

Let kids walk and bike to school

By Alan Viau

Is helicopter parenting leading to sedentary kids? There’s new evidence to suggest the tendency for parents to drive their kids everywhere is negatively impacting their health. A report from Active Healthy Kids Canada notes, “We may be robbing them of an important source of physical activity.” Continue reading

Life Lessons with a Vacuum Cleaner

The Value of Chores — and Some Tips on How to Get Them Done
By Heather Cameron Continue reading

Make-A-Wish® Eastern Ontario

92 Bentley Avenue, Unit 4
Ottawa Ontario, K2E 6T9
Telephone Number: (613) 234-3555
Web: http://www.makeawisheo.ca/ Continue reading

March Break and spring fun in the city

The countdown is on for March Break. In just days, students will be off school for a week. YIKES! What are you going to do? Just because they get a break, it doesn’t mean you do. Continue reading

On Your Mark, Get Set…

How to know when your child is ready for organized sports

Physical activity is good for children of all ages. Many children find participating in organized sports… Continue reading

Potty Time?

Before you start in on the potty project, you may want to look for these signs that your child is ready to go. Continue reading

Progress in Reading

From learning it to loving it

By Doris Ohlmann Continue reading

Radio Flyer EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike

The EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike™ is designed to fold in one easy step so you can store or take it anywhere. This 4 in 1 trike is a great grow-with-me trike offering the many features and  fun for kids 9 months to 5 years. Continue reading

Red Chair Kids

1318 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON  K1Y 3B7
Tel: (613) 798-5437
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Share the Food

Donating to the Food Bank helps insure kids don’t go to bed hungry Continue reading

Should Toddlers Be Exposed to Technology?

By Kathy Lane
Technology in the hands of a toddler can be like handing the world’s nuclear codes over to North Korea. You don’t know what they’re going to do with it or if you’ll ever get it back. Continue reading

The Connected Family

by Kathy Buckworth
Trying to power up when your batteries are dead

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Wonders of Forest School

Parents who put their children in forest school can expect dirty, happy kids at pickup, as well as lively dinner conversations about all they’ve learned. Continue reading

You Need to Know about Measles

By Christa Poirier, Registered Nurse, and Jason Haug, Program and Project Management Officer, Ottawa Public Health Vaccines are a proven and safe way to prevent serious infections. Although we rarely see most of the diseases that we vaccinate for in … Continue reading