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Are you a #zombiemom

Join the club and call yourself a #zombiemom. They may sometimes feel semi-comatose, and get their own days and nights mixed up, but #zombiemoms are alive, hungry for adult company, and meeting regularly in the netherworld of Twitter. Continue reading

Help to Deal with a Marriage Breakdown

At the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre, finger pointing stops. This approach to addressing marital breakdown allows grownups and kids to heal and move forward. Continue reading

Parents Rally to Keep St. Martin’s Nursery School Open

Local mom Johanna Plamondon got some bad news lately. Johanna is the mother of five children, aged two to nine, and her family lives in west Ottawa’s Britannia Village, where the two youngest attend St. Martin’s Nursery School. The older … Continue reading

Support for Families with Special Needs Kids

Support, Inclusion, Acceptance: Two Great Programs for Families with Kids who have Special Needs by Maria Redpath The news that your child has special needs can be devastating. You are not sure what this means for your family and what … Continue reading

TummyThyme Yummy Time

By Lindsay Ruck

These two Ottawa moms share their passion for nutrition and help growing families eat better. Now that’s delectable! Continue reading