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3 DIY Projects to Tackle with Your Kids

It’s important to get the family together as often as possible for quality time, but instead of relying on the same game nights, expensive vacations or weekend movie matinees where you stare silently at the screen for a couple of … Continue reading

Family Fun and Games

Oddly Obvious is a new party game that puts all the answers right in front of you. One player reads clues while t other players race to spot the correct answers on a game card. The trick is answers are … Continue reading

Holding onto holiday traditions (maybe a little too tightly)

While Becky Stanisic and her family cherish traditions, they also welcome new ones. She offers timely advice for introducing new customs or getting rid of old ones.

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New Dad’s No-Nonsense Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is soon approaching, so it’s time to think about wowing your special woman with memorable TLC. After all, she’s been through a lot, from pregnancy and childbirth to adjusting to feeding and sleeping schedules. Having a new baby … Continue reading

Through the Jungle Carrying Sticks

In honour of Father’s Day, we’re presenting a lovely story by one of our favourite dads: Chris Read. It’s called Through the Jungle Carrying Sticks. Continue reading