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Healthy Living is all about Balance

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and long-term sustainable change. I don’t like diets because they’re extreme and yield short-term results. Continue reading

Healthy Living is Not Always Easy

I’ll be honest with you; sometimes maintaining a healthy balance while traveling is a challenge. Living in hotels, wine tours, gourmet restaurants, amazing local cuisine… Continue reading

Healthy Soda and the Weekly Health Tip

We just spent a weekend up at the cottage, and I was excited to see there was a new kitchen gadget to play with: the Soda Stream. Continue reading

How To Recharge Your Whole Health in 1 Month, Part III

By Trinity Chiropractic

Welcome back! Feeling refreshed yet? We’re doing a special three-part series on revitalizing your entire well being by working on all six aspects of your health over the course of 1 month (mental, social, spiritual, environmental, emotional and physical). The goal? To feel revived, refreshed, and healthier than before! Continue reading

Small Changes = Big Results

A word of caution – there’s definitely truth behind the saying “old habits die hard.” Continue reading