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Apps to Teach Your Kids About Their Finances

For most of us, financially acumen is not an inborn skill. However, as we get older and have more experiences with money management, bills, investments and other financial-related topics, we get a bit more knowledgeable and comfortable with our finances. … Continue reading

Better Reading for Kids

Want to ensure your child masters the all-important basics of reading? Ooka Island is a new web-based offering that can transform kids into confident readers in a year. A personalized program that teaches the five key reading skills, it combines … Continue reading

Bilingual learning at Westboro Academy

Located at 200 Brewer Way, Westboro Academy is a co-ed, bilingual, private elementary school that’s been established since 1993. Its director, Meg Garrard, answers some questions about what happens at this educational setting. What do Westboro Academy’s summer camps offer … Continue reading

CECCE – Your Kids can be Fully Bilingual

Want your kids to be fluently bilingual, and to have the advantages that come along with being able to communicate in both Canada’s official languages? They can. Continue reading

Connected Kinders: A Guide for Parents with Tablet-Loving Tykes

Gone are the days of children enjoying a game of make believe outside with the neighbor kids. It’s now all about Angry Birds and getting to the next level before bedtime. And, millennial parents are the ones fueling the fire. … Continue reading

Forum For Young Canadians

Forum For Young Canadians is a one-week high-impact education that happens on Parliament Hill. It teaches teens about about government, democracy and citizenship. Continue reading

Free To Learn

Live and learn? That’s what’s happens for the kids in this family. For them, homeschooling is part of a lifestyle geared to simplicity and creativity. Continue reading

Fun Way to Teach Kids about Bullying

You’ve gotta love Jennifer Schreiber’s new picture book, MONDAY AT JELLY ROLL DOG PARK. Not only are the illustrations by John LaFree, an artist known for his whimsical and humorous pet portraits, but the story itself is fun, engaging and—most importantly—meaningful … Continue reading

Get Your Child Engaged In Learning

Have you ever wondered if it’s just you? Well it is! Every brain is wired differently but we can train our brains to work better.

Learn more at a free information session on getting your child engaged in learning. Continue reading

GO Ottawa! Canadian Museum of Civilization

No Matter how Many Times you Visit, the Museum of Civilization Never Fails to Dazzle

See the latest exhibitions. Take in the special programs. Catch a flick at the IMAX Theatre, have some hands-on fun at the Children’s Museum and check out the collection at the Canadian Postal Museum on site. Continue reading

Kindergarten: Is Your Child Ready?

by Huguette Tessier, Public Health Nurse The start of school is a big deal for your little one, as well as a new chapter for your entire family. For the first-time student, it means meeting new teachers and friends, adapting … Continue reading

Learn About Music Studies

Wondering about musical lessons for the kids? You can get a sense of what it’s all about at a special event at the end of the month. The National Capital Suzuki School of Music (SuzukiMusic) is hosting its Open House … Continue reading

Numbers Game

2+2+1= 5 Ways To Improve Your Children’s Math Skills
Learning math can be tough for kids, especiallythose who do not have a natural ability or for kids who struggle to grasp new concepts…

  Continue reading

OCDSB’s International Certificate Program

The OCDSB’s International Certificate Program is a high school option that provides learners with a global perspective as well as opportunities to expand their horizons. Continue reading

On Your Mark, Get Set…

How to know when your child is ready for organized sports

Physical activity is good for children of all ages. Many children find participating in organized sports… Continue reading

Ottawa Families: This One Inspires

Setting An Example For Life As Ashe Mukasa grows up, he’ll have the know-how to chase his dreams and the work ethic to achieve them. His parents will have taught him that. by Andrea Cranfield Helen Muleme surveyed her living … Continue reading

Ottawa Redblacks: Game Plan to Success

Now that the Canadian Football League (CFL) is back in town and the Ottawa Redblacks rule the field at TD Place Stadium, football fever has taken hold. Already, the new professional sports team has captured the imaginations of fans young … Continue reading

Parents, You are the Teacher’s Helpers

What happens at home has a huge impact on how kids manage in the classroom. There are everyday things you can do, as parents, to make a positive difference. Continue reading

Progress in Reading

From learning it to loving it

By Doris Ohlmann Continue reading

PS4 Games You & The Kids Will Like

Perhaps you’ve already given in to your kids’ request (more like begging and pleading) for a PlayStation 4, or you’re contemplating buying them one for the holidays. Most parents have at least some concerns about their kids playing video games—we … Continue reading

Summer Fun and Games

While this summer break from school is a long time, it doesn’t have to be a brain drain. Sure the pencils and books have been put away in favour of playthings, but as any parent knows learning happens all the … Continue reading

Summer Fun With Math

An Opportunity for Learning
By Richard E. Bavaria, Ph.D. Continue reading

Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

Do you need to sit down with the kids and go over some of the facts of life? Get informed first by attending a free local event presented to mark the third annual Talk With Our Kids About Money Day. … Continue reading

Talk With Your Kids About Money

Wednesday, April 20, is Talk to Our Kids About Money Day. It’s up to us as parents to talk to them about money and to teach them financial literacy skills. Here’s how. Continue reading

Teach Your Kids Character

  Some things you don’t necessarily learn in school. Character is one of them. Character is the internal compass that will influence your child’s choices and life direction in many ways. And it’s something you can teach at home. by Cathy … Continue reading

Teaching Kids About Responsibility

  Your kids start to learn responsibility at home. From owning a pet to doing chores, there are plenty of opportunities to teach your kids valuable life lessons. Here are three ways to teach your children to be more responsible: … Continue reading

Teens and Tablets: Consider This Before Adopting the Trend

The latest findings from Pew Research shows that 23 percent of teens have a tablet computer. While still in the minority, this number has been on the rise since devices like Apple’s iPad have saturated the market and become another … Continue reading

The Wonders of the Imagination

  By Chris Read As hectic as life can get, there is one part of my day that always remains constant: the bedtime story. Since before they were old enough to understand what we were saying to them, my wife … Continue reading

Tough Love in Homework

Good study habits start with you Homework is not easy. You know that, having gone through years in elementary, high school and college with mountains of it on your back. This is why most parents understand the need to help … Continue reading

Video Games Can Assist With Education

How can you contribute to your child’s education and development without breaking the bank? The answer may surprise you: video games.   When most people think of video games and children, they picture a child seated in front of a … Continue reading

Wonders of Forest School

Parents who put their children in forest school can expect dirty, happy kids at pickup, as well as lively dinner conversations about all they’ve learned. Continue reading