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Boston, Rehtaeh and Sergeant Desjourdy

By: Pam Dillon

Do you talk about news at your dinner table? At mine, everything’s part of the conversation. Continue reading

Cautionary Tale for Hockey Parents

By Pam Dillon

We were sitting outside the rink a few weeks ago watching the action through the glass. I was waiting to drive my kid home and there were three or four dads sitting to one side of me, talking hockey-dad talk. It sounded like a serious TSN-style discussion, but I wasn’t paying too much attention since I was leafing through a magazine on a hunt for recipes. Continue reading

No Magic to Being Kind

I was standing there with my finger bleeding, having a silent chat with the Household Management Fairy. “You can do it,” I insisted, imagining Disney’s finest flying over our roof, waving a sparkling wand and delivering magic. Continue reading

Smiles on Us

Meeting the Need for Family Dental Health Care

by Pam Dillon Continue reading

Unhooked – Kids, Drugs and What Parents Can Do

Like it or not, today’s kids are exposed to movies, music, videos and social situations that normalize and glamorize substance use and drug culture. The reality is anything but glamorous and DOCAS helps get that message across. Continue reading

Watching the Oscars and Parenting Boys

I made a not-so-rookie parenting mistake Sunday: I let enthusiasm and sparkle-lust get in the way of logic. Continue reading