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WE are the CURE for STIGMA

This week is both Mental Health Week and Children’s Mental Health Week. Could there possibly be a better time to confront what ails us? Yes, research proves one in five of us will suffer from mental illness. No family is immune. What’s sick, though, is the stigma that prevents people from talking about it, seeking treatment and living better. Continue reading

CrackUp Snowmania Challenge

The Alterna Savings CrackUp Snowmania Challenge is happening Saturday, February 11th at TD Place. It’s a fun, family event to raise awareness and funds for mental health. Continue reading

Dealing with Depression

By 2020, the World Health Organization estimates depression will be the 2nd most debilitating disease worldwide. Are you struggling with it? There’s help. Continue reading

DeBugging Bad Thoughts

Well known Ottawa psychotherapist Cathy Lumsden has a new children’s book, Debugging Those Bad Thoughts With The Bee and Me. It’s helpful for all ages. Continue reading

Let’s Give Boys Hope

  by Cathy Lumsden It takes a village to raise a child. So why are our boys losing their way? And where are we failing them as a society? I don’t have the answers; however, I am deeply concerned. Two … Continue reading

Let’s raise our voices about mental health

Just days ago, in a crowd of Ottawa families, I was chatting with some people when the volume of the conversation dropped to whisper-level. I found out later that a fellow parent – friend, neighbor, beloved individual – had committed suicide. Continue reading

Mental Health is a Community Issue

By Amanda Jetté Knox

Nine-year-old Maya suffers from an anxiety disorder, one of the most common mental illnesses faced by Canadians. “She has good days and bad days,” explains her mother. “But school is a trigger for her. Continue reading

Mental Health of Girls Needs Attention

Canadian girls internalize emotional stress and report high rates of depression, psychological distress, anxiety disorders and eating disorders By Saman Ahsan and Lee Tunstall   The recent Maclean’s cover story, entitled Revenge of the Teenage Girl, was too tempting not … Continue reading

Resilience: A Necessary Skill

by Cathy Lumsden As September settles in, many people have mixed emotions about the end of summer. Some love getting back to routines and schedules while others dread them. When I was in high school and university I would be … Continue reading

Teens and the Pressure for Perfection

If you were to meet Jenna in a hall at school or at one of her sports or social events, you’d think she could write the book on how to ace the teen years. The 16-year-old Grade 11 student attends … Continue reading

We need to talk about Theresa and Peter Lefebvre

You’ve heard the story. A husband and wife – a dad and a mom – are dead. Two local boys have no parents. Just last week – was it only last week? – those young lads headed out the door … Continue reading

Yay for Colonel By Students!

  Congrats are in order for Colonel By Secondary School students. Seven groups from the school at 2381 Ogilvie Road in Gloucester have achieved something pretty special.  They’re among 20 finalists in Change the View 2015.  A province-wide video contest, … Continue reading