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Family Reset

Helping Parents Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle for Kids with Weight Issues

Worried about your child’s weight and health? There are reasons parents are uneasy. Loads of kids — nearly one in three in Ontario — are dealing with excess weight or obesity, meaning they’re at a higher risk for medical problems, bullying, self-esteem issues and depression. Continue reading

Fight against childhood obesity starts at home

Childhood obesity is becoming a major concern in our community. Parents and public health professionals are wondering what can be done to curb this alarming trend. Continue reading

Obesity and Kids

Over 24 Percent of all Canadian Kids are Overweight or Obese

Are yours at risk? The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids, a new book by Miriam B. Vos, M.D., offers a diet-free solution Continue reading

Sick Health Policy

Why are Ottawa’s recreation facilities and hospitals contributing to obesity?
By Pam Dillon Continue reading