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At Home with Katherine Dines

When Katherine Dines opens the red-painted door to her Nepean home, the welcome is gracious and warm. “Come in, come in,” she says. “The water’s hot for tea. Would you like some?” Petite, pretty and animated, the media personality has … Continue reading

Boston, Rehtaeh and Sergeant Desjourdy

By: Pam Dillon

Do you talk about news at your dinner table? At mine, everything’s part of the conversation. Continue reading

Calling All Crafters & Artisans

Families Matter Co-Op is planning a Craft Sale this Spring to showcase the incredible talent possessed by people with developmental disabilities. If you are interested or know someone that would like to participate please email rainu@familiesmattercoop.ca   by March 8, … Continue reading

Extra Help? Smart Idea

By: Pat Ross

Gayle O’Connor didn’t waste any time. Right at the start of the school year, she decided to get some extra help for her son. Christopher was starting grade 7 at a new school and she wanted to make the transition an easy one. Continue reading

Frost Warning

Taking your little one out during the cold winter months can be a challenge thanks to snowsuits and hats and mitts — but the work doesn’t end there. Continue reading

Join in Autism Research

Does someone in your family have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Certainly, there are lots of Ottawa families impacted by autism. Thankfully, there is ongoing research that has the potential to benefit all ASD families. And you can be part … Continue reading

No Magic to Being Kind

I was standing there with my finger bleeding, having a silent chat with the Household Management Fairy. “You can do it,” I insisted, imagining Disney’s finest flying over our roof, waving a sparkling wand and delivering magic. Continue reading

Shift the focus to healthy behaviours

By: Barb Duncan

Are you worried about the size of your children? The latest report from Statistics Canada shows about a third of Canadian kids are overweight or obese. That fact has parents wondering what to do, since excess weight in childhood can lead to a host of health issues. Continue reading

The Art of Communication

Sheila Bell draws a way to support kids with autism
by Karen Wilson Continue reading

World-Changing Mom

World-Changing Mom Lindsey Barr is on a mission to build community and a better future for our kids, one act of kindness at a time. Continue reading