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Body by God 40 Day Challenge Extreme Makeover

Feeling a little blah? Stressed? Out of shape and zapped of energy? Join the Midwinter Slump Club. Well, it’s time to focus on yourself. That’s Y. O. U. Continue reading

Common Weight Loss Setbacks

Weight loss and maintenance are common struggles for many people. When it comes to weight loss strategy, I don’t recommend calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. Instead, I like to focus on individuals and the types of foods in their diets. Continue reading

Got Your Shot?

The sooner you get your flu shot, the better. It takes about two weeks for it to provide full protection and it lasts for six months. Who needs it most? Continue reading

Hugs not Kisses

Tips to beat seasonal bugs.
By: Barb Duncan Continue reading

When Did We Start Doubting?

Here is something that we would like for you to reflect on this week: “When did we start doubting in our body’s ability to heal itself?” Continue reading