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3 Ways to Traditionally Document Your Child’s Life in a Digital Age

By Erin Blaskie (@ErinBlaskie on Twitter)

I remember when I was fourteen years old… printing pictures all of the time, adding them to albums, documenting my life as a fourteen-year-old.  It continued through to my early twenties and then life happened, things got busier, digital cameras and Facebook came into play and the documentation of my life slowed (at least a physical documentation of it did). Continue reading

Camp Conundrums 101


By Kelli Cantana

It’s hard to think of summer when the snow is still on the ground… but, hey, it’s time to bring out those kid camp guides

Continue reading

Enough is Enough

Is your child too busy?
by: Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT

Whether it’s after school sports, other extra-curricular activities, or holiday schedules, it’s easy to overbook children and teens. All of the things your child participates in are important. So how do you know when you’ve passed the tipping point and your child is too busy? Continue reading

Kids, Pets and Heaven?

One afternoon while the kids were outside playing with my husband I saw him. Poor Dory was vertical, nose down in the rocks. I was very, very sad actually, way more than I ever expected over a fish.
Then it hit me, I had to tell Ava, my daughter. She would be devastated! Continue reading

Put a Lid On It

By: Pat Ross

Kids across the city are itching to hit the road on bikes, skateboards, in-line skates and scooters. As soon as the streets are clear of snow, their wheels will be in motion. But what about their helmets? Continue reading

SCHOOL: Arriving in Style!

Photos by Sarah McCormack Who doesn’t want to look and feel great for the start of a new season? Across Ottawa, there are shopping trips aplenty these days as parents and kids scour the shops and aisles for back-to-school fashions … Continue reading

Toddlers at the Restaurant Table

If you happen to be sitting at a table near Nash Patrick, a certain chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed fellow perched in a highchair, prepare to duck. Food can fly while in the bowl. When there’s cutlery within reach, well, you’ve been warned. The young man about town may have a future in shot put or discus. Continue reading