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Cabbage Lasagna

by Helen Mitri
If your ditching the carbs these days or at least trying, like I am, this is a recipe you may want to try. It contains an abundance of fresh vegetables and just a good amount of quality red meat. Continue reading

Shepherd’s Pie For The Win (FTW)!

Winter sports season is in full swing. That means kids are burning energy and need to refuel with nutrient-dense foods. This shepherd’s pie fits the bill perfectly. It’s full of protein, veggies and carbohydrates… For The Win (FTW)! Continue reading

Squawking for Guac

My kids (big and bigger) devour guacamole. Yes, they squawk over who gets the rest of the bowl; that’s why I often make a double batch. You’d almost think it was junk food. Instead, it’s loaded with healthy goodness, so I serve it often. Continue reading