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A Taste for Quinoa

Have you tried Quinoa? It’s Gluten-Free, Tasty and Nutritious

Serve this Vegetable Quinoa Salad for supper and they’ll be asking for seconds

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Festive Quinoa Salad

Not sure what to make ahead for your Canada Day BBQ? Try this yummy Festive Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is a grain sold in bulk or in a box in the organic section of the grocery store. It should be rinsed before cooking for the best flavour. It is a good source of protein and other nutrients, including calcium and fibre. It can also be cooked in vegetable broth and served hot as a side dish like rice. Continue reading

Keen For Quinoa

What’s all the fuss about quinoa?

Chefs, foodies, healthy eaters and home cooks are mixing it into everything from granola to sushi. Pronounced KEEN-wah, the grain-like seed is a star on the recipe scene, probably because it’s versatile, naturally gluten-free and super nutritious. Continue reading

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are really good and good for you. If you’re new to quinoa, this recipe is a great introduction. Enjoy! Continue reading

Think Outside the Salad Box

Here’s a recipe I made a couple days ago for lunch. I ate it warm, and it was so tasty & satisfying. Feel free to switch up any of the veggies, herbs or use another bean or whole grain –use whatever’s leftover in your fridge or garden – think outside the salad box! Continue reading