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Better Reading for Kids

Want to ensure your child masters the all-important basics of reading? Ooka Island is a new web-based offering that can transform kids into confident readers in a year. A personalized program that teaches the five key reading skills, it combines … Continue reading

Children’s book helps teach about diversity and inclusivity

The Barefoot Book of Children takes us on a global trek to realize – despite our different clothes, homes and languages – we are more alike than different. Continue reading

Discover Books by #Ottawa Authors

Jungle Jim and Jungle Jen in the African Rainforest is the second in a series of children’s illustrated chapter books by Ottawa’s Jennifer J. Bergin. In this tale you’ll join Jim, Jen, and their new friends on a comical adventure … Continue reading

Progress in Reading

From learning it to loving it

By Doris Ohlmann Continue reading

Ready, Set…Read!

Compiled by Lindsay Dods

Fun family literacy activities make reading a pleasure… and youngsters into book lovers Continue reading


The JOY of reading with children
by Peggy Edwards and Mary Jane Sterne

When you snuggle and read aloud, you are helping your child become a reader. You are creating a bond and memories that will last a lifetime. That child will be hooked on books before they are out of diapers! Continue reading