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“Honey, do I look fat in these pants?”

Wife: “Honey, do I look fat in these pants?”

Husband: “No, not at all.”

Wife: “Yes you do .. ” Classic projection, Cathy Lumsden says. Are you projecting? Continue reading

Fitting In Friends

By Alyssa Delle Palme Motherhood is like a circus act and in my show, I perform the art of plate spinning. Family is obviously the most important plate and I focus intently on its speed. As a mother, I work … Continue reading

Give Your Assumptions a Reality Check

  by Cathy Lumsden  What are Assumptions? Have you ever heard yourself say, “I think she’s thinking I’m …” or “He’s doing that because …”? In those moments you’re acting like a psychic with a crystal ball. You assume you … Continue reading

Spotting a Narcissist

Do you know a narcissist? It might be your boss, your neighbour, even your spouse. Narcissists are described as challenging, demanding, self-absorbed…++ Continue reading

Who’s Coming for Dinner?

How to Introduce your New Love to the Family
By Pam Dillon Continue reading