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Enough of the Dawdling on Pinterest

Get Real with the Home Renovation you’ve been Wanting

Truth is, those cupboards have seen better days. That mint green bathtub belongs to an earlier era. The floor is outdated and the countertops are so last century. Life changes and it’s time to change up your interior for a fresh new look and improved functionality. Continue reading

Outdoor Living Improved

At this time of year we want, when at all possible, to be outside. After nine or 10 months of cocooning with Netflix, Twitter and Instagram, it’s time to unplug and to emerge from shadows of the family room. But a patch of grass and a picnic table won’t cut it. Continue reading

Update Your Home Before Giving it to Your Kids

You’ve celebrated birthdays, graduations and many milestones in your home over the last few decades with your family. These are memories that you aren’t quite willing to let go but, as you get older, you cannot maintain the upkeep of … Continue reading