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New Immunization Rules to Attend School

by Ottawa Public Health Vaccine Preventable Disease Program Are your kids’ immunization records up to date? Before they walk in the door at school next month, they’ll need proof of vaccination against three more diseases: chickenpox, whooping cough and meningococcal … Continue reading

Academie de la Capitale, IB World School

1010 Morrison Dr, Suite 200
Ottawa Ontario, K2H 8K7
Telephone Number: (613) 721-3872
Web: http://www.acadecap.org/ Continue reading

Ashbury College

362 Mariposa Avenue
Ottawa Ontario, K1M .T3
Telephone Number: (613) 749-5954 Continue reading

Back to School: Allergy Alert

It’s natural to have a twinge of anxiety when the kids head off for the first day of school or daycare. We hope they’ll like their new teachers and classmates, not to mention their lunches, and come home  excited about … Continue reading

Continuing Education, Guaranteed

Welcome, Mom and Dad, to Your New School Year

As long as your kids are students, from JK to Grade 12, you’re right there with them

By Pam Dillon Continue reading

Counterpoint Academy

149 King George Street
Ottawa Ontario,

(613) 748-1052 Continue reading

Elmwood School

261 Buena Vista Road
Ottawa Ontario, K1M 0V9
Telephone Number: (613) 749-6761
Web: http://www.elmwood.ca/ Continue reading

First Words

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
1365 Richmond Road, 2nd Floor  Ottawa, ON  K2B 6R7
(613) 688-3979
http://firstwords.ca Continue reading

Focus Programs zero in on engaging students

How’s this for creative thinking? The Ottawa Catholic School Board has put on its institutional thinking cap to come up with some pretty compelling and positive options to appeal to different types of learners. Continue reading

Get Outside and EarthPLAY for Earth Month and Beyond!

Earth Day Canada’s new EarthPLAY program is dedicated to putting unstructured outdoor play back into childhood and the routine of family life. Continue reading

Itchy and Scratchy? (LICE!)

Dealing with head lice? It’s a touchy subject  by Darcie Taing R.N, M.N CCHN(C), Public Health Nurse at Ottawa Public Health When you hear your child has head lice, if you’re like most parents you’ll scratch your head and say, … Continue reading

Kindergarten: Is Your Child Ready?

by Huguette Tessier, Public Health Nurse The start of school is a big deal for your little one, as well as a new chapter for your entire family. For the first-time student, it means meeting new teachers and friends, adapting … Continue reading


3289 Kodiak St.
Ottawa, ON, K1V 7S7
(613) 739-7589
Continue reading

Let’s do (School) LUNCH!

The skinny on how to overcome common lunch-packing challenges by Brandy McDevitt, Registered Dietitian As parents know all too well, the return to school signals a return to the kitchen. You’re baaack—to the routine of packing lunches for the kids. … Continue reading

Lice 101

Children with head lice should be treated and then attend school or preschool as usual the next day. And there are new treatment options, too. Continue reading

Mini Muffins Preschool

20 Katimavik Road, Units 1, 2 & 3
Kanata, ON K2L 4A2
info@minimuffinspreschool.ca Continue reading

Music for Young Children

Music For Young Children
514.696.0008 Continue reading

New School Year for Kids with Special Needs

There’s a lot you can do to ease the way, at school, if your youngster has special needs Continue reading

Ottawa Montessori School

(613) 521–5185
335 Lindsay Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0L6
www.ottawamontessori.com Continue reading

Ottawa Music Academy

Ottawa Music Academy
Phone: (613) 739-5757
Fax: (613) 739-5757
E-mail: info@ottawamusicacademy.com

Kanata Music Academy
Phone: (613) 591-8638
Fax: (613) 591-8638
E-mail: info@kanatamusicacademy.com
Continue reading

Ottawa School Day Nursery

20 Rossland Avenue
Nepean, ON
K2G 1H6
Phone: (613) 225-5115
http://www.ottawaschooldaynursery.com Continue reading

Ottawa School of Music

Ottawa School of Music
(613) 254-9888
50 Colchester Square, Kanata, ON Continue reading

Ottawa Speech and Language

2948 Baseline Rd, Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 8T5
ottawaspeechandlanguage.com Continue reading

Parents, You are the Teacher’s Helpers

What happens at home has a huge impact on how kids manage in the classroom. There are everyday things you can do, as parents, to make a positive difference. Continue reading

Resilience: A Necessary Skill

by Cathy Lumsden As September settles in, many people have mixed emotions about the end of summer. Some love getting back to routines and schedules while others dread them. When I was in high school and university I would be … Continue reading

Round Square “There is more in you than you think”

Ottawa’s Ashbury College is the only school in the area that’s involved in an empowering international program called Round Square. Continue reading

School Daze

Five Habits that Ruin a School Year Continue reading

School-day Smarts: Breakfast Muffins FTW!

Start the day the easy way with these nutrient-packed muffins, created by nutritionist and dietary consultant Shirley Plant . Yum! 3 cups rolled oats 2 tbsp ground flaxseed in 6 tbsp hot water 2 tsp baking powder ¾ tsp baking soda 2 … Continue reading

SCHOOL: Arriving in Style!

Photos by Sarah McCormack Who doesn’t want to look and feel great for the start of a new season? Across Ottawa, there are shopping trips aplenty these days as parents and kids scour the shops and aisles for back-to-school fashions … Continue reading

The Great Beyond

by Samantha Brazeau-Wilson and Chelsea Brunette

For kids and parents, the jump up to post-secondary school is a big one. Continue reading

Venta Preparatory School

2013 Old Carp Road
Ottawa Ontario, K0A 1L0
Telephone Number: (613) 839-2175 ext. 240
Web: http://www.ventapreparatoryschool.com/ Continue reading

Walking School Buses: Walking the Talk

  by Darcie Taing R.N, M.N CCHN(C), Public Health Nurse at Ottawa Public Health When we were kids, a lot more of us walked to school. So what has changed? Local parents have listed a number reasons they do not … Continue reading

Westboro Academy

Westboro Nursery School

411 Dovercourt Ave.
Ottawa, ON

  Continue reading

Yamaha Music School

Yamaha Music School
1412 Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1H 7Y9
613-731-5678 Continue reading

Zanon Speech Therapy Services

Lisa Zanon M.Sc., SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO
Speech Language Pathologist
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613.851.0506
Email: lisa.zanon@zanonspeechtherapy.com Continue reading