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Connected Kinders: A Guide for Parents with Tablet-Loving Tykes

Gone are the days of children enjoying a game of make believe outside with the neighbor kids. It’s now all about Angry Birds and getting to the next level before bedtime. And, millennial parents are the ones fueling the fire. … Continue reading

Education: Where Do All the Tech Toys Go?

  Learning to See Technology Through an Environmental Lens Today’s students are very tech-savvy, but they may not be as knowledgeable about what happens to their end-of-life electronics. After the fun’s over, all those prized gadgets—from tablets to digital toys—wind … Continue reading

Family Unplugged

No internet, cable TV or home phone service?
It’s no disaster Continue reading

Impecca Bamboo Keyboard is an Eco-Friendly Tech Choice

If you’re eco-conscious, it’s time to update your tech products. Inlaid with bamboo and wood, the Impecca Bluetooth Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo and Wood iPhone and iPad cases are great for professional offices, as well as home and school. And … Continue reading

Robots to do the dirty work

By Jake Garcia

Until recently, robots and artificial intelligence was strictly the stuff of science fiction movies. Advances in robotics, however, increase the likelihood that consumer robots will soon be integrated into our everyday lives. Continue reading

Talk to Your Kids About Internet Safety

When it comes to stealing someone’s identity for personal gain, children aren’t exempt from the deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters. If your child is diving head first into the cyber world, it’s time to educate them on the risk factors of … Continue reading

Teens and Tablets: Consider This Before Adopting the Trend

The latest findings from Pew Research shows that 23 percent of teens have a tablet computer. While still in the minority, this number has been on the rise since devices like Apple’s iPad have saturated the market and become another … Continue reading