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Calling on young videographers!

Inspire others in the RCMP anti-drug video contest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is holding a contest, calling for the submission of videos made by teens for teens that promote a drug-free lifestyle. Continue reading

Say No for Nick

By Pam Dillon

What’s new? “Nothing.” So when the youngest came home from his final exam a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting any revelations. How did it go? “Good.” Was it hard? “No.” He sat down. I looked over. “Mom,” he said, “Nick Cody died.” Continue reading

Stop Doping Our Kids!

By Alan Viau
“He just needs to settle down.” That’s the statement I saw most often on my son’s report card! They couldn’t handle my active son. The teachers even suggested that he might have ADHD and that drugs might help. Continue reading