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5 Gift Ideas For The New Adult In The Family

One of the hardest things for parents to do is say goodbye when their kids move out of the nest. One way to ease some of those emotions is by giving them a gift that will help with the transition … Continue reading

Affordable, Safe Cars for Your High School Grad

Looking for affordable, safe cars for your soon-to-be high school graduate? While there’s a lot to consider, these picks are frequently ranked as the best. Continue reading

Ashbury students shine in entrepreneurship contest

Move over Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson. There’s a new crop of entrepreneurial stars shooting up.  Four of them are from Ottawa’s Ashbury College. These four creative thinkers wowed the judges and earned spots in the finals of the provincial … Continue reading

Boston, Rehtaeh and Sergeant Desjourdy

By: Pam Dillon

Do you talk about news at your dinner table? At mine, everything’s part of the conversation. Continue reading

Don’t Miss Lisgar CI’s Book Sale

Looking for a good book? Students at Lisgar Collegiate Institute are hosting the school’s first ever Used Book Sale this month. A vast collection of items—ranging from books of all genres to magazines and records—will be sold and prices begin … Continue reading

Dual Credit Program Helps Kids Earn HS Diploma

The Dual Credit Program allows students to take a college course (or two) in high school. The credits count towards both their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and college. Continue reading

Embrace Your Teen’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

  As a parent you want what’s best for your children. For decades, parents have taught their kids that to have a successful life they need to study hard, go to post-secondary school and get a good paying job. But … Continue reading

Fentanyl abuse isn’t somebody else’s issue

The teen prescription drug problem in Manotick is a public health issue
Pay attention. Your kid is at risk too
By Pam Dillon Continue reading

Forum For Young Canadians

Forum For Young Canadians is a one-week high-impact education that happens on Parliament Hill. It teaches teens about about government, democracy and citizenship. Continue reading

Free To Learn

Live and learn? That’s what’s happens for the kids in this family. For them, homeschooling is part of a lifestyle geared to simplicity and creativity. Continue reading

GettIng a Driver’s Licence

by Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Clear the way! Your teen is finally 16—and anxious to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and cruise. But first, the designated route to getting a driver ’s license is an important one to follow. Without practice and proven know-how, your teen won’t be driving any time soon. Continue reading

Help Your Teens Cope with Moving

Friends are a big deal for teens. So, when you ask your teen to move and leave friends behind, you’re asking a lot. But you can help make the move easier. Continue reading

Improve your child’s relationship with food

(NC) Fear is a common reaction to ‘the obesity epidemic’, so it’s no wonder that children today are more focused on food than ever before. Kids are being taught about the importance of choosing from ‘good foods’, ‘bad foods’ and … Continue reading

Introduce Your Teen to Jazz

You love a good pop song, but hearing it on repeat 24/7 from your teenager’s room can drive you nuts. If you’ve got a love for jazz, or if you’re looking to expose your teen to something new, open him … Continue reading

Is texting KPC (keeping parents clueless)?

By: Pat Ross

Should you want to stay connected with your kids and understand how they communicate, it’s wise to begin researching — and texting — RN (right now). Continue reading

JMSS students present Strut Fashion Show

The third annual Strut Fashion Show is taking place this Thursday, November 24, at John McCrae Secondary School in Barrhaven.  You don’t want to miss it. What makes this fashion show unique is that the designs, custom creations, sound, lighting … Continue reading

Jumpstart Teens

Are your adolescents short on things to do?

The Personal Development Institute at Algonquin College is offering some really cool Career Sampler Summer Camps that will get them off the couch and pumped about their future Continue reading

Kids Hungry? WRAPS, FTW!

Are your teens “reportedly” on the brink of starvation all. the. time? You can wrap up this little dilemma nicely—with no kitchen sweat. Stock the fridge, the counter and the cupboard with wrap fixings and let them go too it. … Continue reading

Let’s Give Boys Hope

  by Cathy Lumsden It takes a village to raise a child. So why are our boys losing their way? And where are we failing them as a society? I don’t have the answers; however, I am deeply concerned. Two … Continue reading

Living and Learning Outside School

  In the YouTube video, a young Ottawa artist and her mother are celebrating a milestone. After all, how often does a teen get the honour of having an art exhibition at a well-known public art gallery? Leah Cosman is … Continue reading

March Break and spring fun in the city

The countdown is on for March Break. In just days, students will be off school for a week. YIKES! What are you going to do? Just because they get a break, it doesn’t mean you do. Continue reading

Miracle in the Kitchen

SHAZAM! Maybe, just maybe, your son’s next developmental milestone is a clump of cooked chicken….. Continue reading

Okay to be Gay?

Local GLBTTQ youth leaders tell it like it is
By: Jordan Kent-Baas Continue reading

Ottawa High School Student Film Festival (STUFF)

Want to see just how talented Ottawa’s teen filmmakers really are? Get tickets for the first ever Ottawa High School Student Film Festival (STUFF) taking place this Thursday, May 7, at Glebe Collegiate Institute. The event will showcase the skills … Continue reading

Ottawa’s Youth Need to be Home Safe

There’s no place like home – especially when you’re a kid who doesn’t have one. In Ottawa, lots of kids don’t have one.  There are young people from Kanata and Orleans, south Ottawa and other neighbourhoods who don’t have the … Continue reading

Playmates Wanted

Summer Vacation IS Playtime, Right?
Or not. My offspring have sprung up and quite outgrown it. Continue reading

Prom and the Last High School Hurrah

Glitzy? Pricey? Maybe. But high school prom is not only a tradition; it’s also one of the last opportunities graduating students get to celebrate together. Continue reading

Sandbanks for Teens

A Classic Summer Beach Vacation
By Michele Peterson
Photos: Judy Hammond and Ontario Parks

Does your teen think the perfect summer vacation means shopping malls, video games and Facebook? Then it’s time to pack the camping gear and head south Continue reading

Say No for Nick

By Pam Dillon

What’s new? “Nothing.” So when the youngest came home from his final exam a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting any revelations. How did it go? “Good.” Was it hard? “No.” He sat down. I looked over. “Mom,” he said, “Nick Cody died.” Continue reading

Skateboarding Culture 101

Skateboarding has many benefits for kids. It engages them, alleviates stress and provides exercise and fashion sense. It also expands their social circles. #ftw Continue reading

Smart Gifts for Kid in Post-Secondary School

Is your university or college student home from school for the summer? When it’s time to head back, these gifts will help model financial management. Continue reading

Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts!

Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts: A Healthy Coping Strategies Night for Youth

On October 15th from 4-8pm, head down to Dominion Chalmers United Church (355 Cooper Street) for a free event (with free desserts and snacks too)! Continue reading

Summer Fun & Learning at Watson’s Mill

Manotick’s Watson’s Mill isn’t just a cool historic site and community hub. This summer, Kids aged 6-12 will be part of its Mini-Wheats Summer Camp and kids aged 13-16 will be in its Leader in Training program. Continue reading

Talk with your Kids about Mental Health

Are you wondering about your kid’s mental health? After all, puberty is a challenging time. Is he or she really okay? Here’s how to start the conversation. Continue reading

Talk With Your Kids About Money

Wednesday, April 20, is Talk to Our Kids About Money Day. It’s up to us as parents to talk to them about money and to teach them financial literacy skills. Here’s how. Continue reading

Talking with Teens about Social Media

If you have teenagers, they are probably active on at least one social media site. While these websites provide fun ways to interact with friends, there are some inherent issues that both parents and teens should be aware of. Whether … Continue reading

Teens and Tablets: Consider This Before Adopting the Trend

The latest findings from Pew Research shows that 23 percent of teens have a tablet computer. While still in the minority, this number has been on the rise since devices like Apple’s iPad have saturated the market and become another … Continue reading

Teens Behind the Wheel in Winter

Teaching your teen to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times, but throw in our winter weather and you might be tempted to hide your car keys.
Compiled by Heather Cameron Continue reading

Teens: It’s Worth Waiting to Buy a Car

For most teens, learning to drive and earning that cherished driver’s license are  milestone they can’t wait to accomplish. Many also dream of buying their own car. Although it might be tempting to cruise around on their own “wheels”, there … Continue reading

Tips for Buying your Teen’s First Car

By Jessica Hoover

After months of hard work, your teen finally has a license and is ready to embark upon the first leg of automotive ownership. How do you help your teen choose their first car? The following offers a few important tips that should help you and your teen not only find a great first car, but also to drive it safely and economically. Continue reading

Voices Into Action offers Powerful Education

New learning program combats bigotry, empowers students to take action  There’s a new education program called Voices into Action that helps teens develop social awareness. Created by experts to meet provincial standards for secondary school curriculum, this antiracism initiative challenges students … Continue reading

Yay for Colonel By Students!

  Congrats are in order for Colonel By Secondary School students. Seven groups from the school at 2381 Ogilvie Road in Gloucester have achieved something pretty special.  They’re among 20 finalists in Change the View 2015.  A province-wide video contest, … Continue reading

Young at Art: Opportunities for Ottawa’s Artists of Tomorrow

  Every day young artists practice their passion for the arts in their school classrooms, private studios, or even at home in their basements. For the past 10 years, the City of Ottawa has been providing artists between the ages … Continue reading

Youth Suicide and the Mom Beside Me

Truth is, thousands of families in this city are dealing with the challenges of mental illness. Truth is, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. Truth is, the mom I met might be your neighbor or your child’s teacher or you. That’s why I’m supporting D.I.F.D.’s 2013 Power to the Purple Challenge. Continue reading

Zombie 101 Workshop

Kids aged 11 and up can scare the life out of any slow walking humans on Halloween, thanks to two terrifyingly cool NCAC workshops. Check em out if you dare! Continue reading