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Awesome Adventure at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

by Stephen Johnson Ever since the Ripley’s Aquarium opened in Toronto about a year ago, it has been on our family’s bucket list.  A recent trip to Toronto provided the perfect opportunity to visit the aquarium. We had followed the … Continue reading

Disney Magic for Three Generations

by Rebecca Stanisic In 1992, my parents took us four children (and my sister’s friend) to Disney World. It wasn’t our first trip as a family, but the grandeur of the long drive and the massiveness of Disney World had … Continue reading

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

When Caroline Wissing and her family were considering Iceland for a holiday, many friends asked why Iceland? Well, why not Iceland? It turns out Iceland was one of the best vacations they’ve taken as a family. Continue reading

Protect your Home on Social Media

Heading away on vacay? Heed these tips to ensure your social media activity doesn’t put your home safety at risk while you’re gone. Continue reading

Rocking Sudbury as a Family

by Stephen Johnson We had a rocky adventure in Sudbury, Ontario—and so can you.  I am not referring to any family misfortune or extreme sports, mind you.  I’m talking about our son’s interest in geology.  Like a lot of kids, … Continue reading

Sandbanks for Teens

A Classic Summer Beach Vacation
By Michele Peterson
Photos: Judy Hammond and Ontario Parks

Does your teen think the perfect summer vacation means shopping malls, video games and Facebook? Then it’s time to pack the camping gear and head south Continue reading

The Wine (show) of the Week is … #wotw

Each Friday, sommelier Monique Ippolito introduces us to a new wine worth savouring and sharing. This time, she’s introducing us to a wine show worth traveling to experience! Continue reading

Travel Smarter and More Often

“Cold enough for you?” How many times do you hear that lately? At the school bus stop, at daycare pickup, at the coffee shop—when you get together with your friends and family. Everybody is talking about the weather and how cold … Continue reading

Travelling for March Break? Gear Up!

 The countdown is on. In just a few days, the kids are on March Break and many families will be heading away on a spring adventure. If you’re travelling out of town, be sure to mmake To Do lists and … Continue reading

Vacations for families in need

Do you know a family that could really use a break? There are lots of area households that don’t have the financial means to enjoy a holiday away from home. And as the summer winds down, some parents and kids aren’t looking forward to anything. No plans, special treats or getaways are in the offing. Continue reading

Want to Travel? Well, You’re Invited …

Have you always wanted to travel and explore the world but worried about the costs? You’ll definitely want to attend Wholesale Travel Club’s presentation.
Continue reading

Winter Getaway to Montreal

By Loukia Zigoumis Ottawa is a perfect place to call home, because there is always so much to do on weekends and during holidays. Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, I still love exploring the city with … Continue reading