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‘Tis the season for…

Organic Grass-fed Beef  It’s naturally good! It’s that time of year again! Fall and winter in Ontario are grass-fed beef seasons. For those of you that don’t know, grass-fed beef means that the cows only eat grass and whatever else … Continue reading

#newfamilyrule Take Sun Protection Seriously

Parents, listen up: We have to keep them safe. It’s up to us to ensure our kids are protected against skin cancer. In case you missed it, May 4 was Melanoma Monday. This serves as an important reminder that skin … Continue reading

#PhysiotherapyHelpsLives: stroke recovery

Physiotherapy helps people work together to meet health challenges, push forward towards the things that matter most, and live as independently as possible. Continue reading

5 Healthy Choices to Make This Week

by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist The world of health and nutrition can seem overwhelming. You know you could be doing better, and want to make some healthy choices but you don’t know where to start. Here are 5 healthy … Continue reading

5 quick tips for healthy winter skin

(NC) A plan of action to combat dryness requires far more than slathering the body with lotion. Healthy skin calls for both internal and external care, especially in months of prolonged cold weather. Here are five of best ways to … Continue reading

Are There Toxic Chemicals in Your Cosmetics?

Nobody wants toxic chemicals in their cosmetics. Good thing companies like The Kitchen Sink offer products with natural ingredients and amazing skin benefits.

Continue reading

Bed Bugs? Yes, You Might Have Them

It’s tempting to think you’re immune to bed bugs, since you’ve never seen activity and your home is clean. But bed bugs thrive in even the cleanest homes. Continue reading

Busyness: It IS An Epidemic!

by Cathy Lumsden “Busy-ness in the Tibetan tradition is considered the most extreme form of laziness. Because when you are busy you can turn your brain off. You’re on the treadmill. The only intelligence comes in the morning when you … Continue reading

Change Unhealthy Eating Habits? Yup. You Can!

by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist Even though the holidays are behind us, perhaps you’re still hanging onto those pesky pounds that seem to come around every year. Then comes the inevitable feeling of guilt, and the beginning of … Continue reading

Dealing with Depression

By 2020, the World Health Organization estimates depression will be the 2nd most debilitating disease worldwide. Are you struggling with it? There’s help. Continue reading

DeBugging Bad Thoughts

Well known Ottawa psychotherapist Cathy Lumsden has a new children’s book, Debugging Those Bad Thoughts With The Bee and Me. It’s helpful for all ages. Continue reading

Enjoying Nature is Good For You!

Get kids back to the roots of activity    by Kate Magner  Every parent wants their kids to grow up happy, healthy and safe.  One of the best things parents can do for their kids is to provide them with … Continue reading

Get Smart about Your Health

If you’re looking to feel better and to live more healthfully, you might want to check out an upcoming special event. It’s called Live the Smart Way Expo and it’s taking place April 18 and 19 at the Shaw Centre, … Continue reading

Ginger Lime Cookies – Raw Mountain Inc.

Recipe by Raw Mountain Kitchen. For more recipes, raw products and advice on how to live raw, follow Candace at rawmountainkitchen.com and on facebook at facebook.com/RawMountain. Continue reading

Improve your child’s relationship with food

(NC) Fear is a common reaction to ‘the obesity epidemic’, so it’s no wonder that children today are more focused on food than ever before. Kids are being taught about the importance of choosing from ‘good foods’, ‘bad foods’ and … Continue reading

Local, Natural Skin Care

    Tis the season for dry, indoor air and itchy, alligator skin. If you could write a message on your wrist, or your hands and cheeks are chapped, it’s time to give your body’s largest organ some major TLC. … Continue reading

Man’s Best Fr … Workout Buddy

Fido is an ideal workout buddy to help you achieve your fitness goals. Let your dog’s contagious energy be your motivation to get out and be active. Continue reading

New Mom? Embrace Your New Curves

Take Time for Yourself This Holiday Season … And, Whether You Go Our or Stay In, Celebrate Your Sexy Self Stay in or go out? Just because you’ve become a mom doesn’t mean that eternal question gets any easier. Here’s … Continue reading

Ottawa’s Active Living Club

Outside, Social and Healthy On a bright Friday morning, people are streaming into the foyer at Bell Arena on the outskirts of Bells Corners. Dianna Thompson is one of them. A smiling lady in a powder-blue jacket, she’s here to … Continue reading

Pests Springing to Life? Make Them Bug Off!

Just as the earth awakens, so do the pests that proliferate through the warm months. Not only are they an annoyance, they’re also a health risk. Here’s what you can do. Continue reading

Physiotherapy Helps!

Physiotherapy helps stroke recovery “Now every day is a brand new day. There’s always something new to overcome. Paola is working hard, pushing forward, step by step, moving again and painting.” Every year, more than 50,000 Canadians have a stroke. … Continue reading

Preparing a Recovery Room at Home

Creating a comfortable and functional recovery space is essential if you are caring for a loved one after major surgery. Although flowers and balloons are a cheerful contribution to a patient’s emotional health, there is a lot more to think … Continue reading

Resilience: A Necessary Skill

by Cathy Lumsden As September settles in, many people have mixed emotions about the end of summer. Some love getting back to routines and schedules while others dread them. When I was in high school and university I would be … Continue reading

Spotting a Narcissist

Do you know a narcissist? It might be your boss, your neighbour, even your spouse. Narcissists are described as challenging, demanding, self-absorbed…++ Continue reading

Spring Clean Your Diet!

Feeling kind of sluggish after a winter of cocooning? Nutritionist Lauren Follett says it’s time to spring clean your diet. You’ll feel and function much better. Continue reading

Spring into Self-Care

Self-care and empowerment coach Catherine Hull says self-care means caring for ourselves in a way that allows us to be open, free, joyful and able to deal with the stresses life puts in our path. Continue reading

Start Out Health Smart

By Kelly Barry, R.D.

Get your family on a lifetime track for living well. By establishing healthy habits now, you can reduce your family’s risk for chronic illness down the road Continue reading

Sugar-free September Challenge

The Canadian Cancer Society is launching Sugar-free September to raise awareness that excess weight can cause cancer. Is your family up for the challenge?
Continue reading

Take the Daily Fruit and Veggies Challenge

by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist Want to make some healthy changes in 2016? The key to success is to choose reasonable goals. For example, instead of saying, “I want to lose 30 pounds” (which is a great goal, … Continue reading

Teens and the Pressure for Perfection

If you were to meet Jenna in a hall at school or at one of her sports or social events, you’d think she could write the book on how to ace the teen years. The 16-year-old Grade 11 student attends … Continue reading

When Strokes Happen, #PhysiotherapyHelpsLives

Every year, more than 50,000 Canadians have a stroke. Each day, #PhysiotherapyHelpsLives by helping to rehabilitate those that have been affected. Continue reading

Work-Life Balance: Making It Happen

It’s far too easy to spread yourself thin with job and family obligations. Work-life balance can be an exhausting juggling act that, at times, may seem impossible without leaving yourself in the dust. Sometimes you need to recharge so you can keep doing … Continue reading