The U.S. Election Be Like …

US election

A Life Lesson in Politics for All of Us

Feeling a little anxious today? It’s real. We Canadians have U.S. election anxiety.

Yup. We can’t vote. But for the last few weeks — okay, months — that hasn’t stopped us from hitting refresh somewhat compulsively on umpteen polling sites, Twitter feeds and American news websites.

We’ve watched the Saturday Night Live clips, the campaign rally clips, the debates and the memes about the debates.  Probably none of us have been immune from the seemingly endless onslaught of op-eds and “breaking news” items.

Ay, caramba! (Hopefully, after a zillion year on television, Bart Simpson is still too young to vote.)

Certainly, this is a historic election with an impact that will be … and already has been … felt on this side of the border. The Americans’ jokes about moving to Canada and the Canadians’ jokes about moving to Mars actually make light of concerns about how our shared future will look November 9.

After all, we do share a continent. We are intimately tied as neighbours and friends. Hopefully, whatever our views and our political ideologies, we can move forward with respect, tolerance, thoughtfulness, grace and  kindness.



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