The Adventure Begins

We arrived safe in Colombia late Wednesday night, and it’s been amazing so far. We are staying in a farmhouse in the mountains, and everywhere you look is green & lush. There are tropical plants & fruit trees everywhere, and so many different types of birds.

This morning I woke up to birds chirping, and the sun shining into our room instead of my alarm – it was great. We had coffee and bananas (they are always in season here!) on the porch with an amazing view of the mountains. It’s cool in the mornings, but ranges between 20 – 25 degrees during the day & evening, and there is a bit of humidity in the air – it’s perfect. Because we’re in the mountains it’s always a mix of sun & cloud with the odd rain shower.

I’m planning to do some studying today, and than go for a jog this afternoon. We’ll run on the road that takes you from the house down to the entrance of the gated community. Apparently it’s a challenging 30-minute run with lots of hills. In Colombia you’re either driving up or down or side-to-side – nothing is straight or flat.

It’s so strange coming from my regular routine that I could do in my sleep to days that aren’t planned. I woke up this morning with a unique feeling – the day is mine to do whatever I want. That being said, I hope to get into a different type of routine here. Wake up, go for a run, study, blog, take pictures, cook…I’m looking forward to it.


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