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DpR Natural Baby Diaper Ointment

Babies Bottoms Rejoice

DpR Natural Baby Diaper Ointment has plant based ingredients that allow the skin to breathe properly, while providing soothing and regenerative properties to reduce skin irritation in the diaper area.

Additional highlights include a quick drying, non-greasy, plant based and alcohol-free formulation ideal for both disposable and cloth diapers.

For the last 50 years, most diaper rash ointments have been petroleum based. Petro-chemical ingredients do not allow your babies’ skin to breath, one of the most important processes required for healthy skin.

Petro-chemical ingredients remove natural oils and leave babies’ skin dry and vulnerable. They are sticky, greasy and actually trap all the diaper-filling wetness against your baby’s tender skin.

What our DpR Natural Bio Active Diaper Ointment can do for your baby

Apply 3-5 times daily, our holistic diaper ointment reduces skin irritation and inflammation, while it also:

Soothes and regenerates your baby’s tender skin (not only baby’s bottom, can be used from face to whole body).

Contains no beeswax or zinc oxide (find out why from the link).

Works for both disposable and cloth diapers.

Allows the skin to breathe properly because of the plant-based ingredients


What’s in a tube of Thera Wise Diaper Ointment

Every 28g tube of Théra Wise DpR Bio Active Diaper Ointment is packed with nothing but pure, natural plant-based ingredients, extracts and natural oils and the synergy of these ingredients makes healing happen fast.


Crystal Animals Children’s Toothbrush

It contains a functional natural mineral within the bristle of the brush.

The Antibacterial Effect

The clinically proven antibacterial properties of the natural mineral bristle keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean all day.

The Minus Ion Effect

The natural mineral bristles produce a minus ion coating on the tooth surface to improve plaque removal and eliminate food build up.

No Toothpaste Needed

Due to the minus ion effect and antibacterial properties, only water is required.



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