Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway


Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Musical Melody Tracks Set


The Thomas & Friends™ theme song is brought to life for your child in a magical, delightful way with this musical playset! Just roll Thomas down the musical hill to hear the Roll Thomas down the musical hill to hear the familiar Thomas & Friends™ melody ring out. As Thomas continues down the tracks, he rounds the bend and passes through the overpass right past the water mill, just like in the Thomas & Friends™ opening credits!


Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Pirate Cove Discovery Set

Thomas-and-Friends-4Inspired by the Thomas & Friends™ DVD, Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure, Thomas is about to embark on his most thrilling adventure yet! While transporting TNT to the demolition crew working on the new branch line, the ground gets shaky beneath Thomas’ wheels. Press down on the TNT plunger and WHOOSH! Suddenly the tracks drop down and Thomas disappears into the crevasse! As Thomas falls, a hidden ship rolls out from within the cavern. Its mast unfurls to reveal it’s a pirate ship! The missing treasure can’t be far behind.


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