TLC for Baby’s Teeth and Gums

Teething Time? 
Cavity-causing bacteria can live in baby’s mouth – even before the teeth arrive. Here’s how to keep it away and keep those gums healthy 

Of course you want baby to have strong, healthy teeth. But did you know cavity-causing bacteria can exist in your little one’s mouth even before teeth arrive? It’s true. Don’t wait until it’s toothbrush time to make sure your baby’s mouth is clean and healthy. Spiffies can do the trick. These individually packaged towelettes have been created by a health-care professional to ensure those wee teething gums and pearly whites get plenty of TLC.
Spiffies are soaked in a baby-pleasing xylitol solution. Xylitol  is a natural ingredient that prevents cavities. Easy to use, the towelettes soothe sore gums and allow you to wipe out plaque and cavity-causing bacteria. You can start using Spiffies as soon as baby is three months old.  They’re also great for using while on the road or on long plane trips.

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