Tubby Time Fun

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One? Not So Much. 
There are tons of entertaining play things for the bathtub. Who knew getting clean could be this exciting?

Remember when people used to think playtime was, well, in the playroom or the park? Those were the days when the only fun in the bathtub was thanks to a can of dad’s shaving cream and a standard yellow rubber ducky.
Now you don’t have to worry about getting the kids clean. The real challenge is getting them out of the tub.
Woo hoo!
They can make music, blow bubbles, play games, learn their ABCs, numbers, colours and shapes, draw pictures, squirt stuff, whistle, finger paint…. There’s no end of fun to be had in the water.
Do you really expect them to get dry and go to bed? (Just kidding…)
You can even get ducks that change colour in the tub! (Yellow shmellow.) Stickers, floating and squirting toys, bath art, music and learning options transform the bathroom into Kid Central. The assortment of creative bath toys from ALEX will keep your kids squeaky clean behind the ears until they’re old enough pay attention to their own hygiene.
The Fashion in the Tub set comes with two foam friends and 32 outfits, along with accessories. It stores easily in the hanging PVC bag. It’s recommended for children aged three to four years. For more information, go to www.alextoys.com.


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