Two Plays, Twice the Pleasure

Great Deal for Date Nights! Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) and the Gladstone Theatre are offering a special two-show ticket voucher that will lead to a lot of laughs

Whether you do the happy dance or the lonesome waltz, there will be some exciting back-to-school drama on Tuesday. So why not break out of the summer routine and plan to see some real, professional theatre for a change? You deserve it, mom and dad.
After weeks of kid-friendly fun, it’s time for adult entertainment. That means dates 
 with other grownups and without juice boxes or placemats you can colour. Certainly, there are great stage offerings in Ottawa this fall. In fact, there’s a unique local treat in store.

Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) and the Gladstone Theatre are producing two plays by Irish playwright Marie Jones and both plays will be directed by John P Kelly.
Stones In His Pocket opens at the Gladstone Theatre September 7 and runs through September 29. It stars Richard Gelinas and Zach Counsil as two actors who create a host of hilarious and moving characters on a film-set in rural Ireland.
Fly Me to the Moon, at GCTC from October 30 to November 18, stars Mary Ellis and Margo MacDonald as two lovable heroines who, during their shift as community care workers in Belfast, make one bad decision and their day spirals hilariously out of control. It’s a black comedy with an Irish twist.
The Gladstone and the Great Canadian Theatre Company are offering a special two-show ticket voucher for $60. Each voucher entitles the holder to one ticket for each of Stones in His Pocket at The Gladstone Theatre and Fly Me to the Moon at the GCTC. It’s a great deal for a couple of fun, adults-only nights out.
For details or to buy a voucher, call The Gladstone box office at 613 233-4523 or the GCTC box office at 613 236-5196. 

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