Ultimate Dinosaurs at Museum of Nature


Have you seen Ultimate Dinosaurs yet? September 5 is the last day to attend the Canadian Museum of Nature’s summer blockbuster show. An Ottawa vacay bucket-list outing, this show features new and unusual species from the southern hemisphere. To date, more than 81,000 visitors have attended this special exhibition since its opening June 11.

 The unique dinosaurs once roamed the ancient continent of Gondwana, which started forming around 145 million years ago and eventually split into South America, Africa, Madagascar, Australia and Antarctica.

Visitors will stand in awe of the imposing Giganotosaurus from South America that was longer than Tyrannosaurus rex, gaze at the twin ‘sails’ on the long neck of Amargasaurus, and admire Carnotaurus, a swift predator with two horns above its eyes. Augmented reality viewers are positioned by the Giganotosaurus and Carnotaurus skeletons and reveal what these creatures looked like in the flesh.

You’ll even see dinosaurs from Africa’s Sahara Desert regions, Ouranosaurus and Malawisaurus. And from Madagascar, the large predator Majungasaurus and the herbivore Rapetosaurus dominated the land long before the lemurs.

Many of the Gondwanan dinosaurs were discovered just within the last decade or two. So not only are visitors seeing dinosaurs that are completely different and unfamiliar, they are seeing newly discovered species.

Great interactive components, dramatic murals, dimmed lighting and thunderous sound effects round out the fun experience.

Ultimate Dinosaurs was created by the Royal Ontario Museum and is presented by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Its presentation in Ottawa is supported by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.

 The Canadian Museum of Nature is located at 240 McLeod Street in Ottawa.

Read more about Ultimate Dinosaurs (including the adventures of the inflatable T.rex pack) in Ultimate Stories. Look for the hashtag #UltimateDinos on the @MuseumofNature’s Twitter stream. Find the Museum on Facebook (facebook.com/canadianmuseumofnature).





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