Update Your Home Before Giving it to Your Kids

You’ve celebrated birthdays, graduations and many milestones in your home over the last few decades with your family. These are memories that you aren’t quite willing to let go but, as you get older, you cannot maintain the upkeep of a home. What is a great solution? Giving your family home to your children. However, before doing so, you may want to consider updating the space with home improvements that are both sentimental and practical and that your children can benefit from for years to come.

Update the kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. Seniors should survey their appliances and determine if they meet with the current trends. Updating a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher can automatically give the kitchen an improved look and also provide practical and useful help for your children. In addition, assess the countertops, cabinets and flooring in your kitchen and whether they might need updating for a more modern look that fits your children’s style.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Inexpensive improvements can make a difference in each room of your home. If paint is chipped or dull, consider updating each room with a fresh coat of color that reflects your children’s taste. This simple fix can go a long way.

Reinvent a room

If you have grandkids, reinventing a room will offer an update that will create a lasting legacy. An office space can be converted to a toy room for young kids, or an extra room may be turned into a nursery. This is a gift not only your kids will appreciate, but also will offer your grandkids a lasting memory that they will never forget.

Accentuate windows

Bedrooms will receive an automatic facelift with framing the windows in a unique way. Consider curtains that will enhance the furniture and the accessories in your room. Stores like The Shade Store offer plenty of high-quality window coverings — you can even pick out the curtains together with your kids to make certain that they get some input on this update.

Increase lighting

Natural or artificial lighting can boost the ambiance of a room. Adding wattage to a lamp in a smaller room will make the space look bigger. You may want to consider replacing a chandelier or other light fixture in the foyer. Retailers like Wayfair offer a variety of lighting options you can browse through online so you can shop from home.

Replace flooring

If carpet or tile is worn or tattered, spending money to install new flooring is worth it. New and clean floors are certainly an update that your children will appreciate.

Spruce up the backyard

A lasting home improvement that will put a smile on your grandkids’ faces is a swing set or play set in the backyard. They will enjoy sliding and swinging in their new playground, and you can enjoy their glee when you visit too. Adding trees and flowers will also allow your kids to visit a home improvement that will endure through the years.

Add a personal touch

Pull out old vintage pictures of your children and add them to walls of certain rooms. It is likely that your kids will have forgotten about these moments and imagine their surprise when they get to revisit memory lane with images of their childhood. It can be a treat for your grandchildren to see what their parents looked like when they were little kids.

Seniors can give a personal touch to improvements so that their children can enjoy practical and sentimental updates to the family home. It will allow their children to revisit their past, but also help create new memories of their own.

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