Upper Canada Village

When Ally and Bobby Montminy first arrived at Upper Canada Village during their 2011 summer break, they knew it was going to be an unforgettable week.

Attending the Time Travellers overnight camp, the sister and brother duo embarked on a week-long adventure that transformed them back to the 1860s. From wearing period clothing to milking cows to playing baseball, the Montminy children were immersed in an adventurous setting surrounded by new friends.

Although they attended the camp three years ago, their memories remain vivid.

“It was the full-on experience that I enjoyed the most, and they didn’t treat us like children,” says Bobby, who was 11 at the time. “Each day me and my partner went to an activity, such as the lumber mill or farm, and had a brand new experience every day. I especially enjoyed working in the wood working shop as I got to make a small boat. I really liked it when I snuck a frog into the class and the teacher screamed! It was the farmer’s idea.”

Bobby and Ally’s mom, Jean, couldn’t be happier with her children’s camp experience.

“I thought it was wonderful they were able to learn about history and it gave them an appreciation for how things have changed over time,” Jean says. “My children would say this was one of the best camps they ever attended.”

The fun continues again this summer as Upper Canada Village will open its doors for what’s expected to be another fun-filled summer at the Time Travellers camp.

Intended for children ages 9 to 14, the camp begins on Sunday afternoons and runs until the following Friday afternoon at Upper Canada Village. While at the Village, Time Travellers eat and sleep in one of the 19th-century residences. During the day, they dress in period costume assuming the role of an 1860s child. Time Travellers participate in a variety of activity sessions on site and work with artisans such as the blacksmith, tinsmith, printer, dressmaker and weaver. When the Village closes to the public, it becomes the campers’ very own playground where they take part in recreational activities.

“This camp really appeals to kids who are fascinated by role playing and life in the past,” explains Gabriele Thomas, Supervisor at the Upper Canada Village. “For children who have a fertile imagination, this is a great program.” The camp has seven camp counsellors and two camp directors on staff, providing quality leadership to the maximum 30 campers on site each week.

Children (between ages 8 and 11) who want to first get a taste of the full camp experience can register for the three-day Time Travellers Try-A-Camp. Just like Time Travellers, campers wear an authentic 1860s costume and take on the role of a child in a 19th-century community. Located near Morrisburg, Ontario, Upper Canada Village is just an hour south of Ottawa.

Registration is now open for the Time Travellers camp, which begins a new session each week throughout the summer holidays. An Early Bird special rate is in effect until March 15, 2014 and interested campers and their parents can download an application from the Village’s website. To learn more about the Time Travellers camp and the Young Interpreter day camp hosted at Upper Canada Village, please visit uppercanadavillage.com.

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