What Vitamins should you be Taking?

Some people think that taking supplements are not necessary if you eat healthy. This is true if you… always eat a wholesome diet of fruits & vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds & nuts, moderate amounts of good protein like fish & poultry, and a small amount of red meat, and avoid chemicals like alcohol, caffeine & nicotine, and have little stress & exposure to pollution and exercise regularly…than you don’t need to worry about vitamins.

But let’s be honest, I think it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of people do not follow that diet all the time. Take me for example, I got home from work late the other night, my husband was away, and I didn’t feel like cooking so my dinner consisted of popcorn. The next day, I made a point to take my vitamins to compensate for my laziness.

Vitamins are important because they help your body perform certain functions that are necessary for your health. For example, taking Vitamin D is vital in the process of calcium absorption to your bones. When you experience certain symptoms it can mean that your body is not performing the way it should as a result of a vitamin deficiency. Without Vitamin D the levels of calcium & phosphorus in your blood decrease and your body will start pulling these minerals from your bones, which over time, can lead to serious problems like osteoporosis (weak bones).

Vitamins can also stimulate certain body functions and help it perform optimally. For example, vitamin C supports your immune function, which makes it helpful to take during times when your immune system is vulnerable; like during times of stress, illness or cold & flu season.

Now that you understand the importance of incorporating vitamins into your health routine, which vitamins should you take? That’s a big question. Everyone is different and especially when it comes to the topic of nutrition you can’t create a plan that works for everyone. This is true for meal plans, calorie requirements, exercising and a supplement program. However, what I can do is educate you on the vitamins that I think are important and until I’m officially a nutritionist, and you have to listen to me, you can decide for yourself.

Right now my supplement program consists of: Jamiesons’ Vita-Vim multivitamin (includes vitamins & minerals), B50 complex (50mg of each B-vitamin), omega-3 and vitamin C, which I take in the morning. AndJamiesons’ calcium-magnesium (these are actually minerals) and vitamin D before I go to bed. Jamieson is a great brand; their supplements are ‘360 pure’ meaning they don’t contain any harmful additives, and are often on sale at your local drug store.

In my next few posts I will explain the benefits of these different vitamins & minerals, and hopefully you’ll feel less overwhelmed and perhaps start incorporating a few into your health routine.

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