Wonder Track

WondertrackDo you suffer from back pain? The Wonder Track is a simple, easy way to get relief without medication.

The specially curved surface helps realign your spine by simply lying on it comfortably on the floor, bed, or anywhere else with a firm surface. Its unique concave shape is comfortable and utilizes your own body weight so you don’t need any additional equipment or moving parts. The Wonder Track helps keep your lower back flat and your spine straight by putting you in passive traction.

As your back relaxes, and presses up against the curved surface, your back will begin to sink towards the flat center surface and your spine moves downward, straightening it, and relieving back aches as well as muscle tension.


  • All you have to do is lie down to get relief
  • Works in as little as 10 – 20 minutes
  • Non-medical pain relief
  • Easy to store as its only 16.75″ x 24″
  • Can also be used for exercise
  • Comes with an instructional DVD

For More information check out www.wondertrack.com

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