#WOTW Have Wine with those Meatballs!

Each Friday, #‎Ottawa‬ sommelier Monique Ippolito introduces us to a new wine worth savouring and sharing. Cheers!

by Monique Ippolito

Our recent single digit temperatures – and (ahem) teaser of snow – have put me in the mood for comfort food; and nothing spoke more comfort to me this week than traditional Italian meatballs.  If you have never tried this before folks, please put it on the To Do Really Soon, If Not Next List: Meatballs & Wine.


Here are five reason why Peppoli Chianti Classico is our Wine Of The Week:

LCBO Vintages #606541 |  $19.95

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1. It’s a fine Italian red that can pair with virtually any comfort food your heart desires. It is exceptional with beef ravioli, roasts, beef/game stews or anything with a tomato based sauce.

2. This wine is a fitting ambassador for Chianti Classico. It is vinified from a minimum 80 per cent Sangiovese grape variety (the pride of Tuscany). Initial aromas and flavours are subdued but after a few minutes in the glass some dark cherry, cranberry and a touch of dried herbs (sage actually) start to come through. What you will notice on the palate is a mouthwatering, lip smacking acidity and a touch of “grippy” tannins.

3. Given its price per quality, this wine has tremendous bang for your buck! It is only available at Vintages though (limited quantities), so back up the truck for this one!

4. It passed my meatball and wine pair challenge with flying colours! You must give it a try.



5. It is incredibly crowd pleasing, light to medium bodied with no heavy perception of “boozeyness” (burning alcohol); and it’s a terrific introduction to Italian wines.



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