Zanon Speech Therapy Services

Lisa Zanon M.Sc., SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO
Speech Language Pathologist
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613.851.0506

Parents play a vital role in their child’s development of speech and language.
Give your children a strong foundation by providing a home environment where they are encouraged to discover their voice and communicate.  By age two, young children are expected to have 50 words and at least some two word phrases such as “mommy juice”, “soft bunny”, or “daddy up”. By the age of four and a half most children will have a vocabulary of approximately 2000 words and 90 to 100% of their speech will be clearly understood by those around them.  In addition, they will develop the skills to listen attentively (follow 2/3 step directions) and take part in conversation.  By the age of seven or eight most children will have acquired all the speech sounds in their native language. By eight and older they will speak in complete sentences with minor grammatical errors.

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